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Our favorite ways to keep moving well.

Reduce muscle tension with massage therapy!

See the different massage techniques & tools our Registered Massage Therapists can use at Leduc Physio.

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Percussion Massage; Is it useful?
Leduc Physio Physio@Home Mini Myofascial Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion massage guns are handheld devices specifically designed to provide deep tissue muscle therapy for muscle tension. They work by delivering rapid bursts of pressure and vibration to targeted areas of the body. These high-frequency pulses help to increase blood flow, relax muscles, and reduce muscle tension. The percussive action of the massage gun can reach deep into the muscle layers, targeting knots and trigger points that commonly cause discomfort.


Percussion massage guns particularly effective for working on larger muscle groups such as the back, shoulders, thighs, and calves. 

The smaller heads can be used on smaller areas like the neck, arms, and feet, offering relief from muscle tension and soreness.

Considering Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)

Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) is a technique used to alleviate muscle tension and reduce pain by targeting specific muscle trigger points.

It involves the insertion of thin acupuncture needles into deep layers of muscle tissue, stimulating the affected areas to deactivate hyperactive muscle fibers, release muscle knots, and promote blood flow to the area for faster healing.


By addressing these trigger points, IMS helps relax the muscles, reducing tension and relieving associated discomfort. It is commonly used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, muscle strains, and repetitive strain injuries.


IMS is a safe and effective method that can provide significant relief and improve overall muscle function.

Jason MaGee Physiotherapist doing IMS at Leduc Physio

Massage for Mental Health & Wellness

It's not just knots.

Massage therapy is most often considered for it's effectiveness in myofascial release. By applying targeted pressure and stretching techniques, massage therapists can help release tension to alleviate muscle pain, increase mobility, ultimately improve an individual's physical well-being.


Massage therapy also has numerous benefits for both mental health and wellness. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and releasing tension in the body which allows individuals to feel calmer and more at ease.

Massage therapy can also improve sleep quality,  and offer support for clients struggling with depression, grief, or PTSD-which is crucial for maintaining overall well-being.

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