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custom knee braces

Leduc Physio partners with DonJoy to create custom knee braces that can be covered through extended health benefits.

Please note that it is your responsibility to confirm the following:
1. If you have coverage for custom knee braces through your extended health benefits.
2. If you need a doctor's referral for custom devices.
3. If a physical therapist can dispense the custom knee brace. 

Please note that custom knee braces are a NON REFUNDABLE PURCHASE.


Conditions We Treat

Our custom knee braces are designed to provide maximum support and stability to the knee joint. They are made to measure, using precise measurements of the patient's leg, to ensure a perfect fit. With the help of a custom knee brace, knee pain can be significantly reduced and the knee can be protected from further injury. Our custom knee braces can help treat various conditions such as arthritis, ligament damage, and post-operative rehabilitation.

  • ACL ligament injury

  • PCL ligament injury

  • MCL ligament injury

  • LCL ligament injury

  • Osteoarthritis off-loading 

  • Pre and Post Operative

What To Expect:

  • Bring shorts to your appointment

  • Bring doctor's note and any imaging that you have done

  • Bring current treatment plan / exercise program

  • We will take a history and a brief assessment of the knee

  • The knee will be custom fit using a knee measuring tool

  • We can provide a pre-authorization for extended health benefits

  • You can choose a custom color

  • Once ordered, expect 1 week turn around time for brace to be made and shipped

  • You will require a second fitting appointment when the brace is made. 

DonJoy Knee Brace

DonJoy Knee Brace

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