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Our favorite ways to keep moving well.

Start Your Strength Journey

Osteoarthritis and other knee pain can usually be managed with movement, strength, and stretching. 
Try these exercises and taping support to start moving better.

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Fabric Loop Resistance Bands Leduc Physio
Kinesiology Tape
Hyperice Venom Knee Wrap Heat

Pickle Ball & Repetitive Injury

If injury, instability, or pain is keeping you from enjoying Pickleball.... read on!!

Some of the most prevalent Pickleball injuries include: 

-shoulder pain and strain the rotator cuff muscles.

-tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

-ankle sprains

-and knee injuries. 

Our Kinesiologist team can help with BRACES or COMPRESSION to keep you playing your best. 

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    Football Match

    Concussions & Return to Play.

    Baseline concussion testing, concussion therapy, exercise, stretching and more. Learn what creates the best return to play plan.

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