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Get an Inside Look At How Custom Orthotics Are Created

custom orthotics at leduc physio

Get an inside look at how custom orthotics are made and how they can benefit your feet and overall body. This video goes behind the scenes to show you the process of creating customized orthotics, from measurements to design to fabrication.

You'll also learn about different types of materials used, as well as the benefits of using custom orthotics for various foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and pronation.

Whether you're a runner or simply looking for better support and alignment in your everyday life, this video provides valuable insights into the world of custom orthotics.Custom orthotic insoles support good biomechanics for your body, to ensure good stability, prevent injury, and provide maximum comfort.

Our team uses cutting-edge technology to create a 3D cast of feet, dynamic and static pressure scans, as well as a hands-on assessment to create your custom orthotic device.

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