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Dynamic Air Compression- Normatec

Dynamic air compression pumps are devices that use inflatable chambers to apply pressure to different parts of the body. These pumps are used to improve circulation and reduce swelling in the limbs by increasing blood flow and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Normatec Air Compression Leg 3.0 System

Dynamic air compression pumps are commonly used to treat symptoms and disorders such as lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and chronic swelling in the arms or legs. They can also be helpful for individuals who suffer from poor circulation, varicose veins, or have recently undergone surgery.

In fitness applications, dynamic air compression pumps can be used to reduce muscle fatigue, speed up recovery time, and improve overall performance. Athletes often use these compression options to enhance their training regimen and prevent injuries.

In medical needs, dynamic air compression pumps are frequently used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers to help patients recover from surgery, injuries, or medical conditions that affect their circulation. They can also be used in long-term care facilities for individuals who have mobility issues or are bedridden.

Normatec GO Air Compression Calf Sleeves

Normatec air compression devices can provide relief and support for a variety of conditions.

Try the new Normatec GO calf sleeves for compression on the move!

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