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Normatec Air Compression; What does it do?

Pneumatic (Air) compression massage is a therapy technique that utilizes air pressure to

Normatec Air compression Leg System 3.0

provide various benefits such as reducing edema (swelling) & discomfort, aiding the recovery process, and alleviating pain. It involves the use of specialized devices that apply sequential compression to different body parts.

For edema: The main principle behind pneumatic compression massage for edema is the application of intermittent pressure to the affected area. The compression waves stimulate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for draining excess fluids and waste from tissues. By enhancing lymphatic circulation, the massage helps reduce swelling and fluid retention that commonly occur in conditions like lymphedema or after surgical procedures.

For discomfort:

Air compression massage can also provide relief from discomfort caused by conditions like muscle soreness, cramps, and joint stiffness . The rhythmic compression and release of the affected area help to stimulate blood flow and oxygen delivery to the tissues, promoting relaxation and diminishing discomfort.

Normatec Arm Air Compression Sleeves

For recovery:

After strenuous physical activities or injuries, the body requires an optimal environment for healing and recovery. Air compression massage aids in this process by enhancing the circulation of blood and lymph, which carry necessary nutrients, immune cells, and oxygen to the injured or fatigued areas. Improved circulation accelerates the removal of metabolic waste, reduces inflammation, and promotes tissue regeneration, resulting in a faster recovery time.

For pain:

Air compression massage has also been found to be effective in managing pain. The mechanical pressure applied to the affected body part activates the mechanoreceptors in the skin, which helps to override pain signals and promote a feeling of relief. Moreover, the improved circulation and reduced inflammation contribute to pain reduction by alleviating pressure on sensitive nerve endings.

Overall, pneumatic compression massage works by enhancing circulation, lymphatic

drainage, and tissue oxygenation, which collectively aid in reducing edema, discomfort, promoting recovery, and managing pain. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate setting, duration, and frequency of pneumatic compression massage sessions, as individual conditions may vary.

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